How to stop the music at Rave Cave in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3

Bring an end to the POI’s party.

Screenshot by Gamepur

It is no secret that the music inside Fortnite’s Rave Cave location can cause frustration. Its bombastic beats can be heard almost anywhere inside the cave, making it harder to hear nearby chests. You can finally get revenge on its loud partiers by completing the weekly challenge of stopping the music entirely. Here’s where to find its source and stop the music in Rave Cave once and for all in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3.

What to do to stop Rave Cave’s music in Fortnite

Your first step to complete this quest will be to head over to Rave Cave’s stage and dance floor area. This spot is located inside of its mountain and sits near the center, by the cave’s pond. Although the quest requires you to stop the music three times, you can finish the task in a single match. To do this, you will want to make your way onto the stage and destroy its three sets of speakers (as shown below) with either a weapon or your pickaxe. Once every speaker is gone, the music should then come to an end, and the quest will gift you an additional 15,000 XP bonus.

Screenshot by Gamepur

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This is just one of many Week 7 challenges with others asking you to destroy structures with a Baller and aerial 360 spin of a wolf or boar. The week offers up to 105,000 XP for you to obtain, but there are now quests that also reward cosmetics. For one, those who refer a friend in Fortnite can complete special challenges to get a free Xander skin and his dedicated gear. The battle royale also features a No Sweat Summer Event that can reward quest-doers tons of XP and an exclusive Back Bling.