How to visit three lighthouses in a single match in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2

Survive long enough to see the light.


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Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2’s map has an incredible feel to it, with neon lights and a very obvious Japanese inspiration. While exploring the map, you’ll come across lighthouses, and these play into one of the Season’s challenges. This guide explains how to visit three lighthouses in a single match so you aren’t left floundering around the map seeking them out.

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Where to find three lighthouses in a single match in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2

Screenshot by Gamepur

To visit three lighthouses in a single match, you need to know where those three lighthouses are. Traveling between them is pretty simple because no matter whether you run, drive, ride, or fly, you’ll almost certainly be able to reach all three as long as that’s your priority for a single match. While tracking this quest outlines them vaguely on the map, you need to know their exact locations in a match. We’ve outlined the locations of three lighthouses below, so you can mark them on the map and get to them as fast as possible.

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Lighthouse 1: Luminous Lantern

Screenshot by Gamepur

The first lighthouse you should aim for is Luminous Lantern. It’s down at the bottom of the map, close to Neon Bay Bridge. It’s also very close to another lighthouse just across the water.

Lighthouse 2: Burning Beacon

Screenshot by Gamepur

The second lighthouse is Burning Beacon. It’s toward the bottom-left outcrop of the landmass, where you can see the Kenjutsu Crossing location on the map. you can see it across the water toward the bottom of the map from Luminous Lantern.

Lighthouse 3: Twilight Torch

Screenshot by Gamepur

Twilight Torch is a trek away on the right-hand side of the map. It’s at the top of the island with Knotty Nets. Rush there as soon as you’ve visited the two lighthouses above, and you’ll easily complete the quest.

Once you’ve managed to reach three lighthouses in a single match, you’ll be rewarded with 12,000 XP, a nice boost to your Battle Pass. This is a challenge worth knocking out early on in the Season because the challenges that come after will only be more difficult, and this one might get forgotten about. We managed it in our first match following the order above and recommend you do the same if you want to get it done quickly.