Is Fortnite Split Screen Down? Why Can’t You Play Local Co-Op

Fortnite’s split screen feature can suffer from outages from time to time, but Epic Games is always very clear when something is amiss.


Image via Epic Games

Fortnite’s split screen functionality might seem like it doesn’t rely on a connection to the internet, but the base game does. That’s why Epic Games can disable this essential couch co-op system at a moment’s notice and cripple the night of gaming ahead.

While many players enjoy jumping into solo matches in Fortnite, the game also has space for those who want to enter matches together and strategize as they play. Split screen gives friends the power to jump into matches together, see what each other is doing, and help push for more Battle Pass progress. It enables some of the best co-op gameplay possible, but when the feature is disabled, it can leave players with an evening full of disappointment.

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Is Fortnite Split Screen Down

At the time of writing (November 17, 2023), we can confirm that Fortnite split screen is down. The official Fortnite Status Account has announced this and made it clear that while the development team is working on a fix, the feature won’t be back until it’s been completely addressed.

Not only is split screen down, but the Ready Up and Keep Playing Together buttons have been disabled due to the same issue. Epic Games hasn’t shared what the problem is, but it likely impacts Fortnite’s stability. If the game is suffering because of split screen play, disabling the feature will ensure smooth matches for everyone while the developer fixes the problems.

Why Can’t You Play Local Co-op in Fortnite

Image by Epic Games
Image by Epic Games

As we’ve mentioned above, split screen functionality is currently down in Fortnite. That’s why no one can play in local co-op. If players somehow manage to get local co-op working, it’ll likely crash the match and boot everyone to the main menu.

Local co-op relies on split screen functionality. Otherwise, both players could only watch one character at once, which isn’t great for a duos game. The only way to get around this is by running Fortnite on a second device and teaming up through the in-game friend list.

Even when split screen and local co-op is disabled in Fortnite, players can join a single game together and play Duos. The only part of the game that split screen effects is local co-op, so friends can play together regardless as long as they have a PC and console such as the Nintendo Switch to fall back on.