Is Gotham Knights set after Batman: Arkham Knight?

The rest of the Bat Family steps to the forefront to keep Gotham safe.

DC FanDome has everything a DC Comics fan could hope for. That includes the down low on upcoming video game properties. The first major game touched on during DC FanDome was Gotham Knights. The highly anticipated new Batman game focuses on the Bat Family.

The trailer starts with voiceovers depicting news reports and witness accounts. It then shifts to a grim video having been sent to the likes of Batgirl, Robin, Nightwing, and the Red Hood. Bruce Wayne relays to them in a prerecorded video that he is now dead, which at first, led observers to believe that this game will pick up from Batman: Arkham Knight.

When is Gotham Knights set?

Spoilers ahead for Batman: Arkham Knight.

Gotham Knights initially appears to be set after the award-winning Batman: Arkham Knight at first. However, the trailer reveals a few things to counteract that notion. In Arkham Knight, Batman is confronted by the villain the game is named after. The Arkham Knight is revealed to be Jason Todd, thought to have been killed by the Joker. Batman eventually helps Todd recover. This leads to Todd helping Batman defeat the Scarecrow and save Gotham. At the end of the game, Bruce Wayne and Alfred enter Wayne Manor. The manor then explodes, seemingly killing them both.

At the beginning of the Gotham Knights trailer, the reports and witness accounts speak of an explosion in Gotham. The trailer also makes mention of Jim Gordon being dead. This is where things start to appear more as a soft reboot rather than a direct sequel. Jim was very much alive at the end of Batman: Arkham Knight. His daughter, Barbara, is operating as Oracle in Arkham Knight, still confined to a wheel chair. With several years of recovery needed to take up the mantle of Batgirl again, it isn’t plausible for this to take place after Arkham Knight.

With Bruce Wayne seemingly dead in Gotham Knights, it is up to the rest of the Bat Family to defend Gotham from its rogues gallery of baddies. The first gameplay revealed for Gotham Knights shows Batgirl facing off with Mr. Freeze. The end of the trailer indicates a large portion of the story could be taken up by the Court of Owls.

Gotham Knights is expected to arrive in 2021 for next-gen and current-gen consoles as well as PC.