Just Cause 3: How to Fix Logging in, FPS drops and Performance Issues

 Just Cause 3: How to Fix Logging in, FPS drops and Performance Issues

Just Cause 3 being now released there are bound to be more issue with the performance, low FPS, and graphic issue and most importantly with the login issue which triggers in every 5 to 20 minutes. This guide will Help you fix every issue with Just Cause 3’s performance and login error.

Performance Issues

How to Fix the Performance Issues

Many Players with low Pc specs try to run the game in lower settings which allow them to play at 30FPS. With this Fix, you can now lower your resolution from 1920×1080 to 1280×720 and run the game on highest settings which don’t look bad at all. Just keep Following the Step-by-Step process and you will be done with it in no time.

Step 1:

Pause Your Game

Step 2:

Go Into Settings>Graphics

Step 3:

Lower Your Resolution to Whatever works BEST for you.

Step 4:

Save the setting and Exit the Game.

Step 5:

Open Task Manager

Step 6:

Right Click Just Cause 3 And Select “Go To Details”

Step 7:

Right click again and Set the affinity to “Above normal” or “High”

Step 8:

Enjoy the Game with the lower graphic, but smoother performance.

How to Improve FPS (60+ fps)

Here are some tips to increase your FPS and make your game run smoother. Make these changes in your setting to get +60 FPS gameplay. If any issue then let us know in the comments below.


  1. Turn down The LOD To Increase Fps.
  2. Nvidia Users set Antialiasing to ‘FXAA’ (10fps+)
  3. Turn ‘Off’ Global illumination (20fps+)
  4. Turn ‘Off’ Screen Space Reflections (20+fps)
  5. SSAO ‘Off’ (10fps+)
  6. Screen Resolution and Global Illumination are meant to increase your fps without a huge quality loss.

How to Fix the Log In Issues

According to Just Cause 3, you must be logged into its server so you can get the access to the main leaderboard. Do you really care of the Leaderboard from the start? so why to allow it to bother simply turn it off. As there is no option to disconnect the internet in-game, we have to do it the other way.

Step 1:

Exit the game.

Step 2:

Turn OFF the Internet

Step 3:

Start the Game.

Step 4:

No more trouble, simply enjoy the game.

If you find something interesting, don’t hesitate to share it in the comments below.