Metroid Dread – Dairon Energy Part Speed Booster puzzle guide

The frozen sector hides a health boost.

Image via Nintendo

There are plenty of Speed Booster puzzles in Metroid Dread, but the Dairon region has two of the trickiest in the game. The first leads to a Missile+ Tank, while the one in this guide rewards you with an Energy Part.

These puzzles sound simple in text: use the Speed Booster to sprint into the blocks and clear them, or launch into them with a Shinespark jump for the same result. But it’s not so easy sometimes, and this is one of those instances.

Screenshot by Gamepur

This puzzle is found in the top part of Dairon’s frozen sector, near the elevator to Ghavoran. Up there is a set of Speed Booster blocks, but the tough part is reaching them. To pull it off, start running from the ice in the bottom right corner, store a Shinespark jump, and hop onto the ledge on the left. From there, you need to hammer away at your Space Jumps to quickly ascend to the ledge with the blocks, then launch into them as soon as you land. If you move quickly enough, you’ll just make it. Go through the next door to find an Energy Part on the other side.

This may not be the most elegant solution, but it does work. Give yourself a solid pat on the back if you find a smoother method.