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Remnant 2: All Traits & How to Get Them

Traits can make or break your build in Remnant 2. This guide shows you where to find them all and how you can find them.

Traits are the passive benefits that your character can acquire while playing Remnant 2. These bonuses stack up as you put more Trait Points into them, but you only have a select amount of points before hitting the maximum number. You want to be careful about the Traits you utilize and consider how they fit into your character’s build.

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There are multiple Traits for you to find throughout Remnant 2. These are unlocked by completing specific milestones in the game or by completing special and hidden objectives that you encounter in your world. You likely won’t get them all on your first run, and you’ll need to reroll your game to find the ones you’re missing. Here’s what you need to know about every Trait in Remnant 2 and how to get them.

Every Trait & How To Unlock Them in Remnant 2

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Every character in Remnant 2 has a primary trait that they unlock based on the Archetype they’re playing at the start of the game. This Trait is the central one for their character, and it does not require any Trait Points to become stronger. Instead, every level they earn with that Archetype increases it, and the same goes for the sub-archetype the character unlocks further in the game.

There are additional Traits for players to find and add to their character by completing quests, random events, and secret objectives. Although a character unlocks a trait, they will not receive any benefits from it unless they put in a Trait Point, which can be found by defeating bosses, finding Tome of Knowledges, or completing certain objectives and quests.

Your character in Remnant 2 can only unlock 60 total Trait Points. Outside of their Archetypes, they can have a total of six other Traits for their build, or you can choose to put a small number of points in multiple Traits.

Here’s a breakdown of every Trait you’ll find in Remnant 2, and how you unlock them. Again, you will need to complete the game at least once and reroll your campaign again to find locations you did not previously have.

Trait IconTrait NameHow to Unlock TraitTrait Effects
Ammo ReservesThis is the Gunslinger TraitIncreases your character’s Ammo Reserves
AmplitudeYou can find the Amplitude Trait by defeating the Labyrinth horde fight, shortly before you acquire the key to enter the inner sanctum, and battle against the boss for the biome.Increases AOE Size for your character
TBAArcane StrikeYou can unlock the Arcane Strike by searching the bone piles in Harvester’s Reach in Losomn, and defeating all of the giant rats that appear.Increases Mod Power Generation for Melee Damage
BarkskinYou can unlock the Barkskin by speaking with Meidra, and answering the questions to receive the Doe Eye.Reduces all of your character’s incoming damage
Blood BondYou can unlock Blood Bond by defeating the Root Nexus battle in The Far Woods on Yaesha.Summons absorb a portion of your character’s damage
TBABloodstreamYou can unlock the Bloodstream Trait by speaking with Meidra on Yaesha and receiving the Ravager’s Eye.Increase your Grey Health regeneration
EnduranceThe Endurance Trait is a primary one every character receives in Remnant 2.Increases your character’s maximum stamina
ExpertiseThe Expertise Trait is a primary one that every character receives at the start of Remnant 2.Reduces your character’s Skill Cooldowns
TBAFitnessThe Fitness Traits is unlocked by completing the Vault of the Formless on N’Erud.Increases your Evade Distance
FootworkThe Footwork Trait is unlocked by completing the survival Train event on Terminus Station in Remnant 2.Increases your character’s Movement Speed while Aiming
TBAFortifyThe Fortify Trait is the primary trait for the Engineer Archetype.Increases your Armor Effectiveness
TBAGluttonYou can unlock the Glutton Trait if you complete the Feast event in Losomn, so long as you are in a multiplayer session.Increase the Use Speed of all Consumables and Relics for your character
HandlingYou can unlock the Handling Trait by making your way to Root Earth and completing the first wave of enemies that ambush you in Remnant 2.Reduces Weapon Spread and Recoil.
KinshipYou receive the Kinship Trait as the Handler, and it’s this Archetype’s core trait.Reduces Friendly Fire damage dealt and received
TBALongshotThe Longship Trait is the primary trait for the Hunter Archetype.Increases Weapon Ideal range
PotencyThe Potency Trait is the primary one for the Alchemist Archetype.Increase Consuamble Duration for your Remnant 2 character.
TBARecoveryYou can unlock the Recovery Trait by bringing the lone child from Cotton’s Kiln in Losomn, to the woman spinning yarn.Increases Stamina Regeneration for your Remnant 2 character
TBARegrowthThe Regrowth Trait is the primary one for the Summoner Archetype.Increases your character’s Health Regeneration
TBAResonanceYou can unlock the Resonance Trait by defeating the Root Nexus that appears in the Forbidden Grove in Yaesha.Increases your Aura Size
TBARevivalistYou unlock the Revialist Trait by reviving players 10 times during multiplayer sessions in Remnant 2.Increases the Speed of Reviving and being Revived
RuggedYou can unlock the Rugged Trait by speaking with Likh after defeating the Root Nexus and the Defiler in the Forbidden Grove. Likh talks a lot, and you need to exhaust all dialogue.Increases the health of Archetype Summons
ScholarYou unlock the Scholar Trait when you reach the end of the game and complete it.Increases your Experience Gain
TBAShadeskinYou unlock the Shadeskin Trait by letting the Dran in the Butcher’s Quarter be burned by the group of Dran.Increases your Resistance to Elemental Status Effect Damage
SiphonerYou can unlock the Siphoner by completing the Dormant N’Erudian Facility on N’Erud.Increases your Lifesteal effects
SpiritYou unlock the Spirit Trait at the start of the game with every character.Increases your Mod Power Generation
TBAStrong BackYou start with the Strong Back Trait while playing as the Challenger Archetype.Decreases your character’s Encumbrance
TBaSwiftnessYou start with the Swiftness Trait while playing as the Explorer Archetype.Increases your character’s Movement Speed
TBATriageYou start with the Triage Trait while playing as the Field Medic Archetype.Increases your character’s healing whenever they do so with their Weapon Mods
TBAUntouchableYou start with the Untouchable Trait while playing as the Invader Archetype.Increases your character’s Evade Window
VigorEvery character in Remnant 2 starts with the Vigor Trait.Increases your character’s Maximum Health
WayfarerYou unlock the Wayfarer Trait after you defeat the second Root Earth horde boss while exploring this region in Remnant 2.Increases your character’s environmental movement speed, such as using ladders, wading through water, or vaulting over ledges

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