Sea of Thieves Making Mayhem Borderlands crossover Special Event guide – challenges, rewards, dates

Turn it into a sea of chaos.

Sea of Thieves Making Mayhem

Image via Rare/Xbox Game Studios

After making a big splash with a Pirates of the Caribbean crossover in A Pirate’s Life, Sea of Thieves is taking another weird turn with a brief tie-in with the Borderlands series. In the Making Mayhem event, players will be embracing their chaotic pirate within and unleash explosive mayhem to unlock some Borderlands-themed cosmetics. If for some reason you ever wanted to have a pirate Klaptrap as the figurehead on your ship, now is your time.

Making Mayhem Event Challenges

There are two tiers of challenges for the Making Mayhem event: Minor Mayhem Challenges and Major Mayhem Challenges, all based on the scale of the required objectives. Completing challenges will earn you Favour, working your way towards event rewards.

Minor Mayhem Challenges

Major Mayhem Challenges

Making Mayhem Special Event rewards

Sea of Thieves Making Mayhem
Image via Rare/Xbox Game Studios
  • Mayhem Flag (10 Favour)
  • Mayhem Hull (20 Favour)
  • Mayhem Figurehead (30 Favour)
  • Mayhem Sails (40 Favour)
  • Mayhem Capstan (60 Favour)
  • Mayhem Wheel (80 Favour)
  • Mayhem Cannons (100 Favour)

How long is the Making Mayhem Special Event?

The Making Mayhem Special Event will last for exactly two weeks, from Tuesday, August 24, to Tuesday, September 7, 6:00 AM ET.