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Tears of the Kingdom – How to Find & Defeat a Battle Talus

Talus makes a comeback in Tears of the Kingdom, and when it takes the form of the Battle Talus, it becomes an unstoppable force.

Talus — the large rock that suddenly turns into a big enemy — is back in Tears of the Kingdom and in a way you’d never imagine. Back in Breath of the Wild, Taluses would take on many forms: Stone, Frost, Fire, you name it. Though these kinds of elemental Taluses are still in the game, there’s a different kind that’s even more intimidating: the Battle Talus.

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This Talus roams the land with an army of Bokoblins on its back. It’s like a portable enemy outpost on top of a boss, which is as intimidating as it sounds. Here is everything you need to know about spotting a Battle Talus and how to defeat one.

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What is a Battle Talus in Tears of the Kingdom

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A regular Stone Talus is a gigantic rock enemy with a seemingly impenetrable exterior. Battle Taluses are souped-up Stone Taluses, fortified with mounted platforms housing Bokoblin defenders to ward off Link. They sport a vulnerable ore chunk like their counterparts, but climbing the platforms is a no-go. 

All Battle Talus Locations in Tears of the Kingdom

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Here are all the Battle Talus locations and their coordinates on the Hyrule map:

  • On Tabantha Frontier, near Strock Lake (-1447 1038 0137)
  • On the south of Hyrule Ridge, east of Washa’s Bluff (-1360 -0790 0010)
  • On Hyrule Field, east of the Hyrule Garrison Ruins (-0104 -0787 0041)
  • On Hyrule Field, near Mount Daphnes (-1360-0790 0010)
  • East of Hyrule Castle, near Crenel Road (-0774 0793 0001)
  • West of Hyrule Castle, near the isle north of Quarry Ruins (0206 0534 0001)
  • On the south of Lanayru Wetlands, near Sahasra Slope (1258 -1181 0111)

How to Defeat a Battle Talus in Tears of the Kingdom

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The Battle Talus comes fully loaded with Bokoblin defenders perched atop its towering frame. Take out those Bokoblins one by one, eliminating a total of 5 to clear the way for the assault. With the Bokoblins banished, it’s time to make a move.

Beware of the Talus’s retaliation. When it hurls its colossal rock hands, swift dodging will be the key to survival here. Avoid incoming attacks by running to one side or the other. After dodging the Talus’s assault, it will momentarily regenerate. Use this window of opportunity to get in position to attack the weak point

First, use the Ascend ability to reach the platforms mounted on the Talus. You’ll need to get close to the Battle Talus and stand under those platforms without the spikes to ascend. Once atop the Battle Talus, aim for its vulnerability: a massive rock perched on its summit. Focus your attacks on this weak point to chip away at its formidable defenses. After 5 or 6 hits, it’s time to hop off to avoid damage.

The Battle Talus will begin to shake and soon after launch you back to the ground if you already haven’t made a move – which will cause you a bit of damage.

Repeat this process again of avoiding the Talus’s rock throws, and Ascending the platform. Do this until you’ve chipped away at its health, and you’ll be rewarded with a chest for your trouble.

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