The 10 best games to play while streaming on Twitch

You can’t grow your channel with just any game.

Image via Twitch

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Streaming games on Twitch is a fun way to earn additional income or simply build a community of people who like the same stuff. However, the greatest challenge of every Twitch streamer is gathering views. Most of the time, views are dependent on the games that you stream.

How to choose the best games to stream on Twitch

To choose the best games to stream, you need to remember two soft rules:

  1. Choose games with an audience, and
  2. Don’t choose games with too many people streaming at the same time—unless you’re a large streamer with thousands of subscribers. Some examples include Dota 2 and Apex Legends.

The second rule is important so that you’re sure that you’re the person to watch for the games that you’re playing. Twitch usually lists streams in the category by views. If you barely have any, it can be hard to get discovered.

All that said, below are some of the best games to stream on Twitch.

Animal Crossing

Image from Nintendo

Not every viewer is on Twitch looking for intense encounters and dramatic narrations. Many of them watch streams to relax, making Animal Crossing an ideal game to play. Nearly everyone who is remotely interested in casual games has played or, at least, has heard of it. Many players who owned a Nintendo console even purchased one solely for Animal Crossing.

The game’s skill ceiling is very low, but the number of things that can be done in it is endless—you’ll never run out of content as long as you’re interested in the game. 

Dead By Daylight

Image from Behaviour Interactive

Horror games aren’t always fun to play, but with a streamer to keep people “company,” the experience becomes more tolerable. Plus, it’s fun to see other people be afraid! Dead By Daylight is one of the most-viewed survival horror games on Twitch and is a good streaming choice for competitive thrill-seekers brave enough to try. It involves a lot of strategizing, too, so you can choose to talk about your plans to fill in potential dead air.

Final Fantasy XIV

Image from Square Enix

Not only is Final Fantasy XIV a critically-acclaimed game, but it’s also a very accessible one — allowing people to enjoy the base game and expansion pack for free. As a result, it has a large and growing community. Plus, it’s free to start! Most of Final Fantasy XIV’s audience are people who want to see streamers react to the MMO’s story, so if you’re into narrative-driven games, this is the title for you.


Image from Epic Games

There may be a lot of Fortnite streamers on the platform, but there will always be an audience looking for new streamers to watch. First, it’s free to play—so the number of daily active users continues to increase. All the events, expansions, and increasingly different ways to play the game also assure the viewers that they’ll see something new with every new streamer.

Garena Free Fire

Image from Garena

If you’re more into mobile games than PC or console ones, then Garena Free Fire is a great title to try. In fact, even though Fortnite and PUBG Battlegrounds are considered the top battle royale games of all time, Garena Free Fire has more daily active users because of its more competitive PvP.

People will often look up for strategy, hints, and gameplay tips to adapt. As a result, Garena Free Fire is one of the few mobile-exclusive games that get a lot of viewers on Twitch.


Image from Supergiant Games

Hades is an excellent roguelike action RPG that appeals to many gamers, no matter what genre they’re interested in. It has a great story, outstanding art, and fun gameplay. You can do a blind run of its main story and challenge runs later on when you’re done. The game has a ton of replayability, so you can do many fun things with it — so be creative with your runs as much as you can!


Image from Mojang Studios

Minecraft has a large number of viewers and an equally large number of people that are streaming it. People play (or enjoy) Minecraft a certain way, and they’re always looking for streamers who do the same. For example, you can choose to roleplay in a number of servers, turn the game into a farming sim, or explore dangerous caves—and there will always be viewers who will stick around to enjoy your adventures. As long as you have a Minecraft niche, you’ll have a large and loyal audience.


Image from Blizzard Entertainment

If you enjoy a good FPS game, streaming Overwatch is a safe bet. The category is a little saturated, but it’s a big audience with a lot of followers. Just be sure to find a gimmick that can make your stream standout from the rest. For example, you can do challenges, play with friends, or participate in a League. Be sure to turn on your mic and voice chat, so you and your teammate can provide a ton of hilarious commentary., which can be good for streams.


Image from Kinetic Games

We know we’ve already introduced a horror entry in Dead By Daylight, but Phasmophobia is a better choice for thrill seekers who prefer puzzles to survival. Plus, the slow pace that you’re forced into and the little psychological horror jumpscares actually make the game scarier than Dead By Daylight. While Phasmophobia can be played with up to three other people, it’s best-streamed solo.

Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel

Although you have extremely competitve if you want to succeed in this category, Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel is a great game for streaming if you’re willing to put in the brain cells. It’s free-to-play, has a decent audience, and not enough streamers to satiate them. It’s also available cross-platform, so it can be played no matter what platform your channel specializes in.