The best dragon builds in Teamfight Tactics (TFT)

Will Daeja, A-Sol, or Sy’Fen ruin your day today?

Images via Riot Games

The further fans have delved into Set 7 of Teamfight Tactics (TFT), the more it’s lived up to its name: Dragonlands. Dragons, despite costing so much, have easily become some of the most game-changing units. Even when devs nerf some of them, new dragons rise up as S-Tier favorites. If you want to learn more about becoming a dragon tamer yourself, let’s go over the best builds for each dragon and what it’s like to build them. Then you can become a mythic pro with these scaly beasts.

Teamfight Tactics (TFT) best dragon builds

Ao Shin

As an electrifying dragon, Ao Shin’s Tempest Rain is one of the most terrifying moves in the entire game. Build a Hextech Gunblade and a Spear of Shojin and he can become nigh-unkillable. Fitting his name and powers, Ao Shin is at his strongest in a Tempest Mage build, surrounded by crowd control, mystics, and bruisers to keep enemies away until he’s wiped them out. The most important units in this build are Sylas, Ornn, Bard, and Ao Shin himself.

This build is a fast 8 so use your money wisely to get there ASAP. Predictably, the base positioning is an off-shoot of the “Corner” method, with Ao Shin well protected in the back right.

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Aurelion Sol

Across Set 7’s short history, Aurelion Sol (nicknamed A-Sol by fans) is a powerhouse of the game. Making him into a mage has unlocked terrifying strength and ability from him because this Astral dragon’s ability gets bigger each time he casts it. And if he double casts like a Mage? That ability covers the entire board in under a minute.

A-Sol abusers are big fans of the Astral Dragon or Astral Mages builds, where Spear of Shojin and Archangel’s Staff are essential items. However, making the Mage emblem (combining a tear and a golden spatula) is what holds this build together.

Like many dragons, A-Sol builds require a fast 8 and careful corner positioning. The most critical accompanying units in either of his builds are Sylas, Ornn, and Bard (Astral Dragon) or Sylas, Nami, and Illaoi (Astral Mages).


If you’re intimidated by a strong front line with an even stronger back line, Daeja should terrify you. This windy dragon works great with tanky cavalier units. Granted, he’s less effective when the Mirage buff is lackluster in any given game, but something powerful like Dawnbringer’s Determination can turn him into a board-clearing machine.

His best builds include Mirage Cavalier and Revel Mirage. The former is the go-to Daeja build, but if you can get a Revel emblem on a Daeja, his auto attacks will activate the Revel trait and add a maelstrom of bombs to his arsenal. Yes, it’s exactly as bad as it sounds. His major partners in crime include Nunu, Yasuo, Yone, and Hecarim (Mirage Cavaliers) or Corki, Ornn, Sona, and Yasuo (Revel Mirage).

If fast 8 gameplay intimidates you, Daeja may be the love of your life. All of his builds require a standard amount of leveling and re-rolling.


Of all the dragons out there, Idas is the most lukewarm. He’s a decent tank, but he doesn’t do the same damage that other dragons can do. In the best-case scenario, Idas joins either a Revel Cannoneers or other builds as a pitch-hitting tank.

Equip a Silver/two-star Idas with a Gargoyle’s Plate, Sunfire Cape, and Warmog’s Armor and he’ll be able to hold the line for quite a long time. Hopefully, Idas can have his moment to shine one day.

Shi Oh Yu

Early on in TFT Set 7, Shi Oh Yu was exclusively a front-lining tank. However, these days, he does severe damage. Put a Bloodthirster and a Titan’s Resolve on him and he can wreck someone’s entire board. His most powerful build is related to his Jade powers: Jade Mystics. The most important units in this build (other than the big dragon) are Neeko, Anivia, Lulu, and Bard.

As a fast 8 build that waits a while for powerful later-game units, Jade Mystics can be a little tricky. However, in a mage-heavy game, this build can be destructive. All you need to think about for positioning is just make sure as many units as possible touch the Jade statues.


While Idas sometimes fronts the Revel Cannoneers, Shyvana’s absolute power has also made her a powerful, viable option. This shape-shifting powerhouse is a late-game unit, but when she steps on the board she slams the enemy down. She’s the true tank of the dragon world. However, when putting items on her, the most powerful options are a Hand of Justice, an Infinity Edge, and a Jeweled Gauntlet. Lucky for Shyvana lovers, she has quite a spread of amazing builds, from Ragewing Shapeshifter to Ragewing Swiftshots, Ragewing Dragonmancers to Jade Shapeshifters.

Though her items are attack damage, Shyvana is not the carry unit of any of her builds. Depending on what you pick, you need a Corki, Nidalee, Sett, Xayah, or Swain to help her melt the enemy team.


There are few better things than a feral Sy’Fen on your side if you want to punish people with a squishy backline. Equipped with a Titan’s Resolve, a Bloodthirster, and a Quicksilver Sash, Sy’Fen dives towards back-line units and obliterates them. Your best builds with him are Whisper Bruiser and Bruiser Cannoneer, but any Bruiser build could use his strength.

Ally Sy’Fen with fellow strong Bruisers like Ornn and Sylas. If he’s there to help guard Cannoneers, though, a Corki and Sona combination is necessary.

Unlike many builds with dragons, Sy’Fen and crew stand in a line and fight the enemy head-on. The only people that go behind are possible assassins or squishies like Pyke or Corki.