The Best Fortnite alternatives to play on iOS

When you need a break from your pickaxe, get creative with these other battle royales.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Do you love Fortnite but want to try out something new? Or are you tired of certain servers and you need a break, but still want a fun battle royale? Well, luckily for you, battle royale games are some of the hottest things out right now, especially for mobile. So, if you want something to play while you’re taking or Fortnite break, here are some other games to give some love.

Creative Destruction

Playful, cartoonish, and creative (it’s even in the name), Creative Destruction is arguably one of the best one-to-one alternatives for Fortnite. The entire world can be destroyed or built upon, and even copies a lot of the style, design, etc. of Epic Games’ popular battle royale. However, the graphics are not as rich as Fortnite’s. As long as you don’t mind, keep having a blast blowing up this world. Without Fortnite’s budget, though, they do have quite a few complaints about hackers and lag.

Cyber Hunter

Colorful and tech-heavy, Cyber Hunter relies on unique tools and great shots to win. Any Fortnite fan will love it. However, unlike Fortnite, you can only create certain fixed constructions/tools, so there is a lack of freedom. However, this game also has some bonus modes like Loot Lords, where you can play with a four-person squad and pillage through the map fighting other treasure hunters. With special-themed seasons, Cyber Hunter has its own flair. Also, while all battle royales tend to have hacking problems, Cyber Hunter has quite a few bugs and hackers plaguing its fans, so be aware of that going in.

PUBG Mobile

Fortnite’s battle royale partner in crime, PUBG has always been side-by-side with the colorful battler, even when it comes to going mobile. So, enjoy another of the most classic and popular battle royales out there. If you’re looking for similar shooting few are better, but if you love the cartoon-y style or the construction mechanics, PUBG doesn’t have those. It’s got a much more gritty style, and sometimes the community can reflect that, too. The game does have goofy, geeky fun with its skins like Fortnite, too, though, like its recent Jujutsu Kaisen skins.