The 10 best Fortnite coloring pages

Draw your favorite skins or create your own take on the classics.

Image via Epic Games

Fortnite gives players many skins to unlock each season and plenty of challenges to keep them engaged every day they play. However, sometimes it’s good to take a break from screens, which is why we’ve put together this list of the ten best Fortnite coloring pages so that you can still feed your Fortnite addiction without your eyes going square.

The 10 best Fortnite coloring pages you can do at home

Below, we’ve listed the ten best Fortnite coloring pages we could find. They’re in no particular order because they’re all interesting and have their own complexities to keep you drawing until every segment is complete. As a result, you can find skins from all sorts of updates and events in Fortnite’s history. Note that you’ll need to visit the websites we list with each coloring page so you can download the original and print it off at home or color it in with image editing software.

1) Rainbow Smash Pickaxe

Image via Super Coloring

The Rainbow Smash Pickaxe is a thing of beauty. It’s a ride on unicorn that every Fortnite fan will love, featuring a small part of the iconic Llama that was such a big part of the game’s start in life. Grab it from Super Coloring if you want to style your own.

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2) Cuddle Team Leader

Image via Super Coloring

Cuddle Team Leader is the most adorable yet formidable plushie costume in the game. While you may always think of it as pink, this design from Super Coloring gives you a chance to make your own version in a new color.

3) Bucket Head

Image via Coloring Pages

This image may look familiar to any players that have been around long enough to remember a certain iconic season series skin created in collaboration with a well-known fast food chain. Make your own collaboration by grabbing this from Coloring Pages.

4) Thanos

Image via Coloring Pages

Thanos came to Fortnite as part of a crossover event with the Marvel franchise a few years ago. He’s definitely still a fan favorite, and now you can give him whatever look you think fits in Fortnite with this image from Coloring Pages.

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5) Astronaut

Image via Print and Color

The Astronaut is another familiar face in the Fortnite franchise. You’ll never see a spaceman wield a pickaxe anywhere else. Grab your coloring page from Print and Color today and make whatever version of the Astronaut you feel like.

6) Dive, Dive, Dive

mage via Print and Color

There’s nothing more freeing in Fortnite than diving out of the Battle Bus. Make your own homage to that moment with this very iconic Fortnite coloring page from Print and Color.

7) Tomatohead

Image via Top Coloring Pages

We all love Tomatohead, and now you can make him a slightly different shade of red, green, or whatever color tomatoes are in your head. Get this coloring page from Top Coloring Pages.

8) Snake Eye

Image via I Heart Crafty Things

If you want to color in a far more serious Fortnite skin, look no further than Snake Eyes. This coloring page features most of the skin for you to style exactly how you want. Grab your version from I Heart Crafty Things.

9) The Battle Bus

Image via Super Coloring

It doesn’t get more basic than the Battle Bus. All of us have had our moments with this vehicle, so get nostalgic and give it a paint job you always wished it had. Get your copy of the coloring page from Super Coloring.

10) Calamity

Image via Super Coloring

We couldn’t create this list and not include our favorite female skin in Fortnite, Calamity. We all love her, and now you can give her a new outfit that meets you in the middle with your own style preferences. Download your coloring page from Super Coloring.