The best Frigg build in Tower of Fantasy – best team comp, matrixes, and more

The ultimate guide to dominating Tower of Fantasy with ice!

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Tower of Fantasy is winning the hearts of MMORPG enthusiasts with its unique gameplay and stunning characters. Among the many characters available in the game, Frigg stands out for her impressive ice-elemental abilities and her unique weapon Balmung. This guide will delve into the best Frigg build, including the best team compositions, matrices, and more. It’s worth noting that when this guide talks about a character, it refers to their weapon, not the simulacra.

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Balmung and its abilities

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Frigg is a formidable character thanks to her Balmung, a unique greatsword, and saber that were adapted to her cybernetic body. Balmung has ice-elemental abilities, and we will rely on two of its skills for the best Frigg team compositions.

  • Fimbulwinter (E) is a powerful attack that damages nearby enemies and makes the user invulnerable for a short time. It creates a 25-second area of ice that enhances ice-based attacks and allows for infinite dodging.
  • The Frost Resonance effect will increase your ice-based attack power by 15% and your resistance to ice-based attacks by 25%. It activates when you have two or more ice weapons equipped.

The Best Frigg teams compositions

The best team for Frigg is Tsubasa and Meryl. This team is perfect for battles that require high DPS and survival skills. This team activates Frigg’s The Frost Resonance, which grants great attack and defense, while Tsubasa and Meryl provide excellent support and DPS skills. Additionally, when you activate Fimbulwinter, you can perform a dodge with Balmung and press attack to slash all enemies at once. 

You can keep repeating it and switch to Tshubasa’s bow to charge Fimbulwinter when it’s over. Meryl’s weapon is there to help you cause shatter damage and break the enemy shields. It’s worth noting that you can use other characters for the same role but have at least two ice weapons equipped for this build to work. 

The Best Matrices for Frigg

Here is the list of Matrices you can use with Frigg’s Balmung to get the most out of it.