How to get the Meryl Simulacra in Tower of Fantasy

Let’s hit the enemies with Rosy Edge.

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Tower of Fantasy has many iconic Simulacras, and one of the top SSR is Meryl. She comes with the Rosy Edge as her weapon. The huge blade looks very aggressive, but surprisingly it is a defensive weapon. Nonetheless, it comes in handy when making combinations with different weapons and fighting specific enemies. Getting Meryl Simulacra and the Rosy Edge depends solely on your luck. Here is how to get the Meryl Simulacra in Tower of Fantasy.

How to get the Meryl Simulacra & Rosy Edge

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There are only two ways to get Meryl Simulacra and Rosy Edge in Tower of Fantasy: Using special wishes and defeating world bosses. Both methods are different from each other, but they do not guarantee Meryl Simulacra and Rosy Edge; instead, there is a chance you might get them. Here are both of these methods in detail and how you can get Meryl from them.

Using special wishes

Special wish is a mechanism that lets you use the in-game currency to draw random rewards, with a chance of getting an SSR Simulacra, including Meryl. There are two types of special wishes: the first types are normal, and the rest are limited-time. You should purchase limited-time wishes if you see Meryl Simulacra and Rosy Edge on them. If not, then your best bet to get Meryl Simulacra is through the normal wishes.

Defeating the world bosses

There are six world bosses in Tower of Fantasy. They are powerful, so much so that it’s almost impossible to beat them alone. The best way to defeat them is together with other players. Furthermore, most of these bosses have an elemental weakness, which you can exploit by using the right weapon(s). Here are some of these bosses that you can try and defeat.

Once you defeat any of them, use the perfect decipher to loot the chest; it’s the only way you can randomly get Meryl Simulacra and Rosy Edge. Remember that world bosses are challenging, but they are your best bet for getting an SSR Simulacra.