Tears of the Kingdom – A Trip Through History Quest Steps & Ruin Ring Locations

A Trip Through History has you studying the Ring Ruins in Tears of the Kingdom, and this guide shows you where to find them all.

Kakariko Village has seen better days in Tears of the Kingdom. When we initially arrived, it turns out that massive Ruined Rings have fallen throughout the village, and there was one blocking a notably large pathway, preventing us from entering the city from the east. There’s a researcher alongside the other survey teams who are trying to learn more, named Bugut in A Trip Through History Quest.

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He’s asked us to help out to figure out what the team has learned about these rings and what else we can do about them to potentially help out the village. The survey team at this dig site has written down a few notes, and it’s our job in TotK to track them down for Bugut in A Trip Through History.

All Ring Ruin Slab Locations in Tears of the Kingdom

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Bugut asks that we track down the four Ring Ruin Slabs and the translations that were made about them while exploring Kakarito Village in Tears of the Kingdom. For the quest, we don’t have the exact locations of these Stone Slabs shared on the map, so we’ll need to explore the immediate area where all of the Ring Ruins have landed and look where the survey team was working to learn more.

The first Stone Slab is on the southwest part of the village, up on the hill overlooking the Makasure Shrine. When you enter this ruined location, there are a handful of monsters standing near a firepit. These were relatively easy to deal with, and after we dispatched them, the notes for the Stone Slab were off to the left side.

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The second Ring Ruin Slab is to the east of the current one, on a nearby hill. We decided to make our way straight there, climbing many of the hills on the outside of Kakariko Village in Tears of the Kingdom and speaking with some of the researchers about what they were discovering regarding the Ruins. When we arrived, we turned to the left to discover the set of research.

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The third Ring Ruin Slab is almost outside of the village, alongside the East Hill Chasm. After doing a bit of digging around, were able to find the next piece of information by looking through the ruins on top of East Hill.

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The fourth Ring Ruin Slab is on top of a nearby hill, overlooking Lantern Lake in Kakariko Village. We were able to quickly reach this point by climbing up the east side of the hill, and using the various ladders leading up to the top, next to a research team member. The book with the Ring Ruin Slab information is on a chair to the right of the researcher.

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Now that you’ve discovered all four of these locations, return to Bugut, who should be down at the center of the village. Link will inform him of everything that he read at each of the Ring Ruins, thus completing the quest for A Trip Through History in TotK.

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And that’s it! Check out our other The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom guides below to help with crafting, exploring, and tackling challenges across Hyrule.

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