Tears of the Kingdom – Great Fairy Fountain Locations & Unlock Costs

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom players can upgrade armor at the Great Fairy Fountains scattered across Hyrule.


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The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom features many ways for players to upgrade their equipment thanks to the abilities like Fuse and the multiple armor sets in the world of Hyrule. Much like in Breath of the Wild, players will be able to upgrade their armor thanks to the return of Great Fairy Fountains.

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Every Great Fairy Fountain Location in Tears of the Kingdom

Below you will find the location of every Fairy Fountain and what you need to do to unlock them, and what level of upgrade they provide.

Fairy Fountain LocationDescription
Zelda_Fairy_Tera_LocationGreat Fairy Tera will provide you with one-star upgrades.

To unlock Great Fairy Tera, you’ll need to complete the “Serenade to a Great Fairy” side quest.
Zelda_Fairy_Mija_LocationGreat Fairy Mija will provide you with two-star upgrades.

To unlock Great Fairy Mija, you’ll need to complete the “Serenade to Mija” side quest.
Zelda_Fairy_Kaysa_LocationGreat Fairy Kaysa will provide you with three-star upgrades.

To unlock Great Fairy Tera, you’ll need to complete the “Serenade to Kaysa” side quest.
Zelda_Fairy_Cotera_LocationGreat Fairy Cotera will provide you with four-star upgrades.

To unlock Great Fairy Cotera, you’ll need to complete the “Serenade to Cotera” side quest.

What are the Great Fairy Fountains?

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The Great Fairy Fountains are large flowers home to Great Fairies and can be found across Hyrule. These fountains and their fairy inhabitants will allow players to improve their armor with increased defenses and abilities if they can unlock and have the necessary materials needed. These include resistance to weather conditions and increased attack power. Each fountain offers a different level of upgrading capabilities, so players will need to find the other fountains to get the best upgrades. With the multitude of new armor sets in Tears of the Kingdom, there is a ton of options for players to use on their adventures.

How to Unlock Great Fairy Fountains

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Unlike Breath of the Wild, you will need to complete a side quest in order to unlock each of the Great Fairies. Some players have found that they need to visit the Lucky Clover Gazette to start these quests, but we’re not sure. If you find that the Giant Fairy quests have not appeared for you, make your way to Rito Village and get that sorted before working on them.

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