Tears of the Kingdom – How to Complete Serenade to a Giant Fairy

The Serenade to a Giant Fairy quest unlocks a Giant Fairy for you in Tears of the Kingdom, and this guide shows you to do it.

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The Giant Faries in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom are how you can enhance your armor and withstand the tougher challenges awaiting you in Hyrule. However, all of the Giant Fairies are dormant, and you’ll need to reawaken them.

There’s a quest to kick this off called Serenade to a Giant Fairy, and you’ll need to bring a musical group to the Giant Fairy close to Woodland Stables. There are a few ways to complete this quest in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, but you want to make sure to finish it to activate all Giant Fairies in the game.

All Serenade To a Giant Fairy Quest in Tears of the Kingdom

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You can find this quest while visiting the Woodland Stable, which you can find to the northeast of Lookout Landing. It’ll appear on the border of Eldin Canyon. Some notable fast travel points include Eldin Canyon Skyview Tower, Ekochiu Shrine, and Timawak Shrine. If have yet to visit this location year, the Eldin Canyon Skyview Tower is your best bet so you can unlock this region’s map.

When you arrive, speak with Penn who will be talking with the music group stationed there. They want to visit the Giant Fairy to help make her feel better, and figured playing music would help out, but they can’t get there, and they need help getting their cart to the location.

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You will need to repair the nearby cart by adding wheels to the side of it and making sure it’s standing upright. You should be able to find the supplies nearby at the Woodland Stable. After you’ve done that, you’ll need to capture a horse or use your horse and give it the Towing Harness. You can unlock it after you have a handful of Pony Points, and it’s one of the first you unlock in this series of rewards. Once your horse has the towing harness on, attach it to the front of the cart and speak with the musical group.

They’ll be overjoyed that you’ve assisted them and agree to sit in the cart. You will now need to make your way to the Giant Fairy at the top of the hill and make sure you don’t fall these two too fall out, which means you’ll want to take it nice and slow to reach the top.

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Upon arriving, the musical group will play their song, and they will coax the Giant Fairy out of her flower. You can freely speak with the Giant Fairy now that the quest is over and have her upgrade any available armor pieces, so long as you have the available resources to pay for those upgrades.

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