Tears of the Kingdom – All Satori Cherry Blossom Trees Locations & Coordinates

There are only a few Satori Cherry Blossom Trees in Tears of the Kingdom, and we’ve mapped out where to find them all.

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is full of iconic locations and wonderous places to explore during your time in Hyrule Kingdom. Many of these locations are hidden from you, and tracking them down will take time to successfully locate, such as the Underground Caves. Thankfully, the Satori Cherry Blossom Trees can help you out.

The Satori Trees provide helpful visuals to make tracking down Underground Caves much easier, and there are several of them scattered throughout TotK. Finding these is also tricky, but putting out the time to find them all made it a worthwhile experience, and we greatly benefited from exploring Underground Caves we had yet to discover.

Where to Find All Satori Cherry Blossom Trees in Tears of the Kingdom

The Satori Cherry Blossom Trees are in specific locations throughout Hyrule Kingdom in Tears of the Kingdom. You’ll be able to tell them apart from the other trees in TotK because they have bright pink flowers on their branches, and they’ll have small shrines at the base of these trees.

They’re an ideal place to rest briefly in your TotK adventures. When we first encountered them, we thought they were a neat location that were perfect for taking some pictures and enjoying a small break from running around to every corner of the game. When we spoke to a nearby NPC, we learned that we could make an offering at the Shrines and gain insight to the various Underground Caves surrounding us that we have yet to discover.

For anyone planning to do cave diving in Tears of the Kingdom, tracking down these locations should be at the top of your priority list. They map out the general area and uncover some helpful armor and gear you may have missed if you weren’t pointed in the correct direction.

Our list breaks down all of the Satori Cherry Blossom Tree locations, where you can find them, and their coordinates to help make tracking them down much easier in TotK.

Satori Cherry Blossom LocationSatori Cherry Blossom TreeCoordinates
East Necluda Cherry Blossom Tree3357, -2482, 0280
Eldin Mountains Satori Cherry Blossom Tree1246, 2952, 0419
Faron Grasslands Cherry Blossom Tree0802, -3502, 0058
Gerudo Highlands Cherry Blossom Tree-2310, -2156, 0250
Hyrule Castle Cherry Blossom Tree0315, 0536, 0022
Satori Mountain Cherry Blossom Tree-2300, -0325, 0350
Tabantha Frontier Cherry Blossom Tree-4044, 1692, 0197

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