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Tears of the Kingdom – All Stable Locations

There are several Stables in Tears of the Kingdom where you can summon your mount, and we show you where to find them all in TotK.

Stables are all over Hyrule in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. They’re the cornerstone of making our life easier to travel around the game, and we enjoy them even more as they’re a great place to sit down, relax, cook a warm meal, or make a deal with our favorite traveling merchant, Beedle.

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Because of the amount of Stables you can find in Tears of the Kingdom, it can be tricky to keep track of them or know where to find them. Luckily, we were able to track down all of the Stable Locations, making it easier to find them and add them to your Purah Pad map, so you can always bring your noble horse with you on your adventures.

Where To Find All Stables in Tears of the Kingdom

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There are 17 Stables for you to track down and find in Hyrule in TotK. These Stables are scattered throughout the Surface region of Tears of the Kingdom, so you won’t have to search for them all in the Depths or Sky Islands. Some of them are close to each other, and others are scattered out, making it easy to find a nearby location to summon a horse or learn about any local quests that you can start working on right now.

Thankfully, we’ve discovered that next to every one of these Stables is a Shrine. Not only do you want to grab the Stable, but make sure to check out the nearby Shrine and activate it, turning the location into a fast travel area that you can regularly use during your adventure.

These are all the Stables you find in Tears of the Kingdom and the nearby Shrines that turn them into fast travel points.

Stable LocationStable NameStable CoordinatesNearby Shrine Coordinates
Dueling Peaks Stable1749, -1921, 0010Eshos Shrine – 1563, -1945, 0157
East Akkala Stable4237, 2738, 0125Jochi-iu Shrine – 4356, 2875, 0165
Foothill Stable2603, 1134, 0148Kisinona Shrine – 2568, 1248, 0173
Gerudo Canyon Stable-2796, -2238, 0029Turakamik Shrine – -2658, -2236, 0067
Hateno Pasture3629, -2110, 0178Zanmik Shrine – 3469, -2179, 0148
Highland Stable0519, -3441, 0047Utsushok Shrine – 0672, -3357, 0071
Lakeside Stable1551, -3522, 0060Joju-U-U Shrine – 1515, -3577, 0142
Mini Stable at Digdogg Suspension Bridge-1691, -1662, 0020Riogok Shrine – -1440, -1616, 0089
Mini Stable at Lookout Landing-0251, 0052, 0019No Shrine – Lookout Landing
New Serenne Stable-1351, 0734, 0085Sinakawak Shrine- -1413, 0756, 0089
Outskirt Stable-1436, -1265, 0032Tsutsu-um Shrine – -1424, -1350, 0067
Riverside Stable0329, -1085, 0009Tajikats Shrine – 0324, -1008, 0016
Snowfield Stable-1641, 2566, 0233Orochium Shrine – -1636, 2641, 0239
South Akkala Stable3137, 1684, 0201Mayachideg Shrine – 3061, 1827, 0216
Tabanatha Bridge Stable-2918, 0546, 0169Makurukis – -2844, 0631, 0233
Wetland Stable0888, -0160, 0026Tukarok Shrine – 0912, -0245, 0033
Woodland Stable1057, 1127, 0022Ekochiu Shrine – 1062, 1279, 0045

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