Tears of the Kingdom – Decorate With Passion Quest Steps & Weapon Solution

Boraa needs your help finding the perfect weapon in Tears of the Kingdom, and this guide covers how to complete it.

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Not every quest in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is about saving Hyrule. Sometimes, it’s about helping out with minor problems and making the world a little brighter, and the way you can do this is by asking citizens what’s troubling them. For Boraa at Kara Kara Bazaar, she needs some help getting some inspiration for the weapon she wants to make.

Boraa asks us for assistance in the Decorate With Passion quest, where we need to present a weapon combination that meets certain requirements to her. The way you can go about this is up to everyone, and it’s as open-ended as any player would expect to find for a quest in Tears of the Kingdom.

How to Make a Weapon That Sparkles & Radiates With Burning Passion in TotK

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When speaking to Boraa, she only provides a few hints at what type of weapon she wants to use as a reference. The first is that it must “sparkle,” and the second is that it has to “radiate with a burning passion,” which doe narrow down our overall options, but we can’t use any Monster Parts. When trying to pick out a choice for her in Tears of the Kingdom, we do have a few options.

When attempting to figure out the best weapon to make for Boraa, we did narrow down our choices to Gems & Minerals. These are commonly found throughout the many Underground Caves and caverns that sprawl everywhere in Hyrule, making exploration a rewarding activity in Tears of the Kingdom and highly profitable.

Because we need to use a type of Mineral, we figured we’d try to offer a wide range of options for Boraa. However, when we used an Amber or a Sapphire, she wasn’t interested in it and continued to share that she was looking for something “with a burning passion.” Given Boraa’s specific tastes, we finally figured out that she was looking for a weapon that had a Ruby attached to it, and it’s the weapon solution for this clever word puzzle.

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You’ll need to take a Ruby from your inventory or find one out in the wild at any of the Underground Caverns in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom and attach it to a weapon. We decided to go with a Spear and attached it to a Ruby, given Boraa was already holding a spear in her lap, and offered the weapon for her to inspect. She was overjoyed with the selection, finding it the perfect form of inspiration for the weapon she wants to make.

Shortly after giving her the inspiration, Boraa gives her an Electric Keese Wing, encouraging us to use it for future weapon combinations. Although this choice is not the most powerful, it’s a great addition to a weapon that we want to use that does Electricity damage.

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