Tears of the Kingdom – How to Climb Ice Walls

Ice walls are impossible to climb in Tears of the Kingdom, but there are some ways you can get around that using this guide.

Ice walls are a huge problem in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. They prevent you from reaching high places and make it a struggle to reach some of the critical locations while exploring Hyrule Kingdom.

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Although you cannot directly climb them because they’re too slick, there are some alternatives that let you get high up. How you go about this is up to you, but it does require you to use your Ultrahand ability. This guide covers the best ways to climb ice walls in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

How to Go Up Ice Walls in Tears of the Kingdom

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Whenever you attempt to climb an ice wall in Tears of the Kingdom, Link will only hold on to the wall for a few seconds and then drop to the ground. This will happen whenever you’re playing the game, even if you’re wearing Cold Resistance gear, food, or equipment that boosts your climbing ability.

There is no way for you to climb an ice wall in Tears of the Kingdom directly, but you can get around this by climbing up other objects. For example, if you’re close to an ice wall with several trees, cut them down, and then use your Ultrahand to grab the logs and stack them on the side of the wall.

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Although Link cannot climb an Ice Wall, he can climb any log or wooden object. In the example we have pictured, we’ll be able to climb up the log and then reach the top of the wall. If we cannot get to the top of the cliff with the current log, we can use the Ultrahand again to stack multiple logs or wooden objects on each other and then reach the top.

We recommend looking around you in the environment whenever you encounter an ice wall. We can confirm that every ice wall we have attempted to climb will not let us go up it, but if we climb other objects in the area, this works. The Ultrahand comes in handy every time we do this, so try chopping at things or grabbing anything around you using your Ultrahand.

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