Tears of the Kingdom – How to Find Secret Treasure under the Great Fish

Sidon shares the location of a secret treasure underneath a Great Fish in Tears of the Kingdom, and this guide shows where to find it.

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom holds many unique secrets and treasures for you to find if you’re willing to explore away from the main story. These prizes are hidden throughout the many caves and caverns you can find in the wilderness, and some of these hidden gems are offered to you by speaking with characters.

We spoke with Sidon shortly after completing the Water Temple, and he was willing to share with us a unique passage he had read about from a Zora Royal Family book. The book hints at a treasure underneath a Great Fish, and tracking down this secret treasure became our main priority in our TotK playthrough.

Where to Find Great Fish in Tears of the Kingdom

Before setting out on this adventure looking for the Great Fish, it’s essential to refer back to Sidon’s story in Tears of the Kingdom. The passage from the book was “The great fish. The eternal guardian. A secret treasure awaits just beneath the stony form of its statue. Below the long bridge that reaches for the statue, leave your fears behind. Pass beneath two waterfalls to find your prize.”

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According to this passage, we’re looking for a giant fish statue, a long bridge, and two waterfalls to track down the secret treasure. Thankfully, the first two parts of this secret are relatively straightforward. The stony statue the passage refers to is within the Great Zora Domain, as it’s the large statue that adorns the top of the city. The next part refers to the long bridge, which is the one at the front of the city in TotK.

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We were able to make our way to the front of the city, and from here, we could see a large waterfall leading to the southwest. From the top of the bridge, we jumped and dove into the water next to the waterfall and swam through it to the other side. (Pro Tip: Don’t wear the Zora Armor, as you may unintentionally swim up the Waterfall)

This reveals a hidden passage, and we discover Tears of the Kingdom’s Cave Under Zora’s Domain.

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When we arrived, we discovered this massive cavern with a large chasm leading to the Depths below the city in Tears of the Kingdom. Although it was tempting to dive straight into it and discover more of the depths, we noticed a second waterfall in the back of the cave, which pertains to the final part of the passage.

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We took out our glider and soared through the air, gliding to the other side, and dashed through the waterfall. There, we discovered the treasure chest on the other end and undercovered the sacred treasure that Sidon had been talking about: the Vah Ruta Divine Helm, which increased our swimming speed while we wore it in Tears of the Kingdom.

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