Tears of the Kingdom – Is Kass the Rito Bard in TotK?

Many Tears of the Kingdom players are looking for Kass the Bard, a character from Breath of the Wild, to see if he made it to the sequel.

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom fans have been searching high and low for every returning character and location that they experienced when playing the first game. Because of this, players have had several heartfelt moments with these characters, and seeing them again adds to the depth of the game.

However, while many players are after Prince Sidon, other have been hunting high and low for Kass, the Rito Bard. Kass was a traveling minstrel in Breath of the Wild, and fans have been doing their best to track him down in Tears of the Kingdom. He was searching everywhere in Hyrule for Ancient Songs and was commonly seen at stables, which players have used to try and find him in TotK.

Can you find Kass the Bard in Tears of the Kingdom?

Image via The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Creating a Champion

Given how we’ve seen searching for everything in Tears of the Kingdom, and the general community feedback following the first week of release, from what we can tell, Kass the Bard might not be in this game.

So far, no player has encountered Kass on their adventures, with how dedicated players are about finding these critical details in their beloved games, it doesn’t look like he makes an appearance. However, not all hope should be lost. It’s important to note that we’re still in the first stages of TotK, and players could discover something within the next few months, potentially in the next year, that might bring us one step closer to Kass’ return.

Some fans are trying to hold out hope that he could appear in a piece of DLC for Tears of the Kingdom. There were a handful of pieces of DLC available for Breath of the Wild, the Master Trials, and The Champions’ Ballard, but because Kass is a beloved character, we do doubt he would return in this form.

We do hope we’re wrong, though, and that we can expect to see a colorful appearance from Kass in the future, as we’d enjoy hearing one or two more songs from him, or what he’s been doing with this travels. A few years have passed between Tears of the Kingdom and Breath of the Wild, and we’d like to know what happened to our feathered friend, or what became of his story, and if his wife and five daughters are okay.

For now, we don’t believe Kass the Bard is in Tears of the Kingdom, and I don’t know if we can expect to see him in the future. If players do find him, he might be closer to the very end of the game, and it might make an appearance after special side quest tasks are completed.

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