Vulpaphyla Revivification guide – how to get a Vulpaphyla pet in Warframe

A loyal friend.


Predasite Revivification is the process of creating your own pet in Warframe. The system is very similar to Predasite Revivification. Both systems were introduced to Warframe in the Heart of Deimos update.

Vulpaphyla Revivification options are done by Son, who can be found in the Necralisk on Deimos. Vulpaphyla can be named, gilded, and modded the same as any other Sentinel or companion in the game, but there are a few steps to go through to get one.

What you need for Vulpaphyla Revivification

You will need three different components for Predasite revivification.

  • Vulpaphyla subspecies
  • Mutagen
  • Antigen

Vulpaphyla Subspecies

Vulpaphyl can be found around on the Cambion Drift open-world area. If you search near cliffs on the edges of the map you can find them traveling in packs. They will often be fighting Infested creatures and will be in a “weakened” state. You can use a Tranq Rifle to put them to sleep, then interact with them to have Son send out a robot and whisk them away. To get a Vulpaphyla for revivification, you need to capture the weakened form. Only Vulpaphyla that have taken damage will be weakened, and suitable for revivification. It is a good idea to hunt these with a Warframe that can go invisible, as they will try to run if they see you. If you are invisible you can follow them until they take damage, then tranq them with your rifle.

You can also use Vulpaphyla Lures that you can buy from Son and a Vulpaphyla Pheromone Gland. The lures allow you to track special points on the map (marked in blue) where animals have left trails. These can be followed to nests, and the lures can be used to summon a Vulpaphyla. If you use the Pheromone gland just before using the lure, it will increase the rarity of the Vulpaphyla that appears. The only bad thing about this method is you will need the animal to become weakened through combat for it to count as one of your subspecies acquisitions, otherwise it will be another Tag you can trade for Son Tokens.

There are three different subspecies, all different rarities, and they will offer different abilities:

  • Common – Crescent Vulpaphyla – Crescent Charge and Crescent Devolution
  • Uncommon – Panzer Vulpaphyla – Viral Quills and Panzer Devolution
  • Rare – Sly Vulpaphyla – Survival Instinct and Sly Devolution


Son's Wares

Mutagens are used when creating the Vulpaphyla to impact how it looks, and the resistance type that it will have. All of them are available from Son for different amounts of Standing, at different ranks with the Entrati. You can find them under the Browse Wares option.

NameResistanceVisual EffectCostRank
AdraProto ShieldNone1250Stranger
ElsaAlloy ArmorChintinous tail2500Acquaintence
ZarimCloned FleshTentacle tail4000Associate
PhijarRoboticExposed flesh tail6000Friend


Once again, Antigens can be obtained from Son at different levels, for different amounts of Standing. Antigens will impact the appearance of your Vulpaphyla’s head, and the polarity of the singular polarized mod slot they will have.

NamePolarityVisual EffectCostRank
ViroxMaduraiTumorous Jaw2500Acquaintence
PlagenNaramonScaled mane4000Associate
PoxiPenjagaShoulder Protrusions6000Friend

Mutagens and Antigens both need to be built in the Foundry, and each one will have its own recipe of assorted resources that are found by playing on the Cambion Drift.

How to make a Vulpaphyla


When you have the subspecies, Antigen, and Mutagen that you want, you can visit Son in the Necalisk and choose the Vulpaphyla Revivification option. You can then pick the three items you wish to use from the corresponding slots. It is possible to pick options you don’t own if you wish to see the resultant Vulpaphyla and its stats. If you are happy with the result, you can hit build. It will cost 5000 Credits to build the Vulpaphyla.

Ranking and Gilding the Vulpaphyla

You will need to full rank up and Gild the Vulpaphyla before you can take any of the following actions:

  • Naming it
  • Adding Forma to polarize mod slots
  • adding an Orokin Catalyst
  • customizing the appearance
  • adding a Focus Lens

To Gild a Vulpaphyla you will need to get it to rank 30 by using it in missions and earning experience with it. Then you can return to Son and select the Experimental Procedures options. Choose Gild to fully activate the Vulpaphyla. This will cost 10 Son Tokens and 5000 Standing and will reset the Vulpaphyla’s rank to zero. The advantage to Gilding is that the Vulpaphyla will get increase stats, and can take all of the above-listed actions.