What does discipline mean in Bitlife?

Work hard and keep yourself safe with discipline.

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Bitlife is a simple free-to-play, text-based simulation game where you, as the name implies, get to live out your life. The game features a wide selection of challenges, choices, and routes that you can take, allowing for multiple playthroughs of the game. How your life plays out though will depend on your character’s stats, which you can view at any time. One of these stats is called discipline but it’s hidden, so you won’t be able to constantly check it like you can with the others.

What discipline does in Bitlife

Discipline affects a few different things such as whether or not you’ll get addicted to something and how well you perform in school or at your job. So, if you have a high discipline, you’ll have a stronger resistance to gaining addictions and you’ll perform better at tasks. But if you have a low discipline, you become more vulnerable to getting addicted to alcohol, drugs, or gambling. So, it’s a stat that you’ll want to keep as high. But how do you raise your discipline stat and manage it?

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How to increase your discipline in Bitlife

In order to increase your discipline, go to your Activities page and tap on Mind and Body. From here, scroll down until you see Meditate and tap on it. When you meditate, there’s a chance that it can increase your discipline. Meditating can also improve your karma and health. But there’s also the chance that it won’t do anything at all.

In God Mode though, you’ll be able to see everyone’s statuses, including their discipline. You’ll be able to adjust this stat however you like in this mode and see how things play out. However, if you want to unlock God Mode, you’ll need to pay for it.