What is the Hero Training Gym code in Fortnite?

Practice your heroic moves.

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The Hero Training Gym is a special mode you can jump into for a limited time while playing Fortnite. The code will take you to an island where a small band of players can face off against each other, battling it on a My Hero Academia-themed showdown. If you’re looking to join this island against other players, you’re going to need the code for it. Here’s what you need to know about the Hero Training Gym mode code in Fortnite.

My Hero Academia Hero Training Gym code in Fortnite

The island code you enter to enter is 6917-7775-5190. You enter this code while visiting the Discovery menu in Fortnite, taking you to another area. The location was crafted and heavily inspired by a training area the heroes use from the My Hero Academia series.

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The Hero Training Gym island pits eight players against another team of eight players to prove who is the best between the two teams. You can also get a chance to try out the Deku Smash super-powered weapon, which you can also find while playing the standard game. The item will appear while using any of the Super Powered Vending Machines on the island, or by visiting an All Might Supply Drop that randomly appears during the match. If you have not used it before, using the Deku Smash item on the Hero Training Gym level is your safest bet, giving you an excellent environment to use it on.

While visiting the island, you’ll have the chance to earn two rewards, the PLUS ULTRA and Deku Sprays. You can earn the PLUS ULTRA spray by securing rescuing points in the game mode, and you can earn the Deku spray by being an assist to defeating at least five opponents while playing the game.