What is the maximum character level in Lost Ark?

How powerful can you get?

Image via Smilegate RPG

Lost Ark gives players all manner of fun and exciting classes to level up. From the mighty Warrior to the firearm wielding Gunslinger, between the available options you will have a lot of grinding to do. If you have recently started playing and are already tempted to start a new character, you will want to know what the maximum character level is in Lost Ark.

The maximum character level in Lost Ark is currently 50. Characters start at level 10 with a large number of skills unlocked compared to other action RPGs or MMOs. Leveling up is primarily done through completing quests and missions for characters in the game.

While XP is earned from killing enemies, the amount of XP earned this way is fairly small, so this is more of a passive way of leveling. If you are looking to level up quickly, then cutting through missions and quests as quickly as possible.

It is also possible to use a Powerpass. Powerpasses are items that allow players to skip the grind, jumping straight to Level 50 on a character. We have lots more guides for Lost Ark to help you on your adventures, including how to repair items, and how to claim your daily log-in rewards.