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What level should you be to beat Elden Ring? Best Elden Ring Levels and Leveling Guide

Arise, Tarnished, ye underleveled dead.

Elden Ring is first and foremost about learning and exploiting attack patterns. There are level one runs, gimmick controller runs, and blindfold runs that prove you can technically beat the game without spending a single rune. That, however, is the path to ruin, Tarnished. It’s easy to forget that you can just… get stronger if you’re struggling, and the end game’s ramp in difficulty is just begging you to level up. If you’re getting your head bashed in by Radagon or squashed underneath the Elden Beast, perhaps you would benefit from a touch more leveling up before your next go-around.

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What level should you be at to beat Elden Ring?

We recommend a minimum level of 140, by this point you’ll be dishing out an appropriate amount of damage if your build is set up right, and several of your stats will be hitting one of their soft caps (the point at which an additional level in that stat gives you diminishing returns). Remember you can always respec your character in the academy if you’ve got an extra larval tear

You’ve probably heard this before, but for the love of the Golden Order, please level your vigor. If you’re not sporting a minimum of 40 vigor by this point in the game, you’re going to get swatted around mercilessly before you even have the opportunity to learn how to dodge the attack coming your way. Longevity goes a long way at the end of the game, bosses are energetic and persistent, their attacks will take a huge bite out of your pool of health, and you’re likely on your hundredth hour or so by this point, so your brain has taken quite a beating.

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How to level up to beat Elden Ring

By the time you’re surging towards the end, you’ll have a collection of clever methods for leveling up to beat Elden Ring. Several talismans and pieces of armor will pump a few more levels onto your character, effectively saving you hours of rune farming and frustration. In particular, we recommend:

Radagon’s Soreseal: Will give you a cool 20 levels simply by equipping it. That’s five points each in Vigor, Endurance, Strength, and Dexterity at the cost of a 15% damage increase. You may be wary of taking the extra damage, but the math works out in your favor.

Any of the Heirlooms: The Starscourge (strength), Prosthesis Wearer (dex), Stargazer (intelligence) and Two Finger (faith) heirlooms all raise their respective stat by five levels, which is well over 300,000 runes worth of levels by this point in the game.

The application of a few well-selected talismans and a carefully constructed build will push you past the finish line of your choosing. Remember to bring a non-magical source of damage for the Elden Beast, and you’ll rise to (or destroy forever) the seat of Elden Lord.

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