What to do if Fall Guys isn’t working – Connection errors, freezing, server problems

Connection problems and error codes.

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout

Image via Mediatonic

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout has been a runway success for develop Mediatonic, but the game is not without some teething issues. There are a range of problems that can impact players, so we have collected all we know about these issues in this article.

Server instability

The servers can go down pretty regularly for maintenance. The team has set up a Twitter page specifically for any and all server and technical problems with the game. You can find it under ‘Fall Guys Server Owl.’ This is the first place to check if you are having trouble connecting to the game.

Connection Errors

There isn’t much you can do about connection errors except check to see what the Twitter account linked above says. The game has been getting a lot of people trying to log on, so if the servers have been down, and only recently came back up, then a long queue of people trying to log on may be causing an issue.

Stuck on loading screen

If you are stuck on a loading screen, it seems to be an issue where the server that is trying to make connections between players, to establish lobbies and start games, is undergoing some stability issues.

You can try the following steps to resolve this, but it is more than likely a server side issue:

  • Check the Fall Guys Server Owl Twitter account
  • Restart your PlayStation 4 or PC
  • Restart your router

The game freezes when you try to exit

Some players have reported issues with the game freezing when they try to exit the application. On PlayStation 4 you will need to go the Home page, select the game, then close it from there. On PC, use Alt+Ctrl+Del to bring up the Task Manager, then close the application there.