When do the new Fortnite weekly challenges come out?

Amass more Battle Pass rewards with the help of these special quests.

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As a live service title, Fortnite grants players the opportunity to partake in new challenges weekly that can be completed for additional XP. Better yet, as that XP boosts your level, they can make for a fast way to collect all of the Battle Pass’s rewards each season. So, if you want to reach the coveted Level 200 as soon as possible, you will need to know when these challenges release. This guide will examine when each set of weekly challenges debuts and how long they will remain available in Fortnite.

When do more weekly challenges release in Fortnite?

Since the start of Fortnite Chapter 4, new weekly challenges appear every Tuesday at 9 AM ET, and you can expect this release schedule to remain in place at least until the end of the chapter. At this time, the game will introduce a total of seven challenges, each rewarding a sweet 16,000 XP upon completion. However, some weekly challenges have up to five stages to them, but you will still gain this XP reward every time a stage is finished.

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You will also have a great deal of time to complete each set. Thanks to the v23.30 update, all weekly challenges introduced will now be available to do so until the end of their respective season. If you are looking to earn thousands of XP in a short period, it is recommended you take on just one batch of weekly challenges at a time. This is because the game rewards players with a 42,000 XP bonus each time three quests in a particular set are done, which is more than half the XP needed to reach the next Battle Pass level.

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Keep in mind, doing weekly challenges is just one of many methods for farming XP. Any day you login into the battle royale, you will also discover new Daily Quests, which even reward their own 15,000 XP bonuses. At the time of writing, Chapter 4 Season 1 also sports the Oathbound questline, with each of its challenges rewarding 20,000 XP. The questline currently tasks players with building a Rift Gate on the map by doing a range of activities, such as outfitting The Citadel with tech equipment and getting alloy pieces from metal materials.