When does the Daily Adventure Incense reset in Pokémon Go?

Time to activate your Daily Adventure Incense and go explore your neighborhood.

Image via Niantic

The Daily Adventure Incense in Pokémon Go is an item you can use to attract Pokémon to your location while you walk around. It’s similar to the traditional Incense you earn from completing Special Research or Timed Research tasks, but it attracts particular Pokémon to your location and even some Galarian legendaries. You can use this item once a day, and it will reset. This guide covers when the Daily Adventure Incense resets in Pokémon Go.

What time does the Daily Adventure Incense return?

The Daily Adventure Incense will reactive once a day and the daily timer for Pokémon Go occurs at 12 AM in your local area. When midnight arrives, the item will return to your inventory, and you will have the option to use it again. This item will be available in your Item Bag. When you activate it, it works similarly to the traditional Incense. The primary difference is it will only work for 15 minutes, and it attracts unique Pokémon of your region to your location. There’s also the chance of encountering Galarian Zapdos, Galarian Moltres, or Galarian Articuno during your travels.

You will need to complete Special Research before you can add the Daily Adventure Incense to your Item Bag. This should be available on your account when you load the mobile game. Upon completing the first Special Research, the item will be available in your inventory and reappear once a day. You will not be able to use another Incense item at the same time your character is using this.

We do not recommend making this a reliable way to encounter unique or exclusive Pokémon, but it’s a good way to get your daily Pokémon catch out of the way.