When is the release date for Rune Factory 5?

After much waiting, the game finally has a release date in the West.

Image via XSEED Games

Fans of the farming/life sim RPG series Rune Factory have been waiting with bated breath for further news of the Western release for the latest game, Rune Factory 5. The farming gods — which is to say publishers XSEED Games — have finally seen fit to elaborate on that forbidden knowledge on their supplicants, along with an English-language story trailer.

Rune Factory 5 will arrive on Western shores on March 22, bringing with it all the farming, monster-fighting, villager-romancing action that fans have come to expect. The physical edition of the game is currently available for pre-order as either a special “Earthmate” edition for $79.99 or a standard edition for $59.99, with the digital version sure to follow soon.

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The trailer shows off the kind of things players can expect to get stuck into once the game finally arrives, including the standard farming mechanics, dungeon-delving with powerful weapons, and building relationships with the denizens of Rigbarth. Previous Japanese trailers have revealed other mechanics at play, including crafting and fishing systems, the ability to data-link with Rune Factory 4, and the Seed Circle mechanic which allows players to restrict or steal from monsters, or even make them allies outside of battle.