When is the release date for Silent Hill F? Answered

Silent Hill F will be another thrilling entry set in Japan.

Image via Konami

Throughout the history of the horror genre, the Silent Hill series has been one of the most popular and instantly recognizable game franchises. However, since the playable teaser for Silent Hills was released and subsequently scrapped in 2014, fans of the psychologically thrilling adventure series have long been waiting for a new entry to get their hands on.

Konami may have heard the collective voices of their devoted fan base as they teased a variety of new titles in their Silent Hill Transmission showcase. A particular title that caught many people’s attention was Silent Hill F, but when exactly is this title’s release date?

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Release date for Silent Hill F

Admirers of the Silent Hill F trailer may have to wait for a while as there is currently no indication as to when this entry is going to be released. The teaser for Silent Hill F also happened to be the last one shown during Konami’s showcase, which may indicate that the final product may still be a long way off from being completed.

Image via Konami

However, the preview shown for the aforementioned title was one of the more intriguing clips as it displayed the typical psychologically thrilling themes, eerie environments, and intense build-ups present in previous Silent Hill entries. This entry was also written by renowned Japanese writer Ryukishi07 and, based on what was shown during the livestream, will be set in Japan.

In a similar fashion, the teaser for the long-awaited Silent Hill 2 remake and Silent Hill: Townfall also did not include any information regarding a release date during the time they were aired on the showcase.

On the other hand, the live interactive series Silent Hill: Ascension, which will be a jointly developed project, has been given a release date in 2023 although no other details have been provided regarding its launch plan.