When will the Android and iPhone Bitlife code merge, and how does it work?

Together forever.

Image via Candywriters

BitLife Android users have always had the short end of the stick when it comes to new updates. The developer Candywriter initially started on the iPhone and later brought its game to the Android store. Still, unfortunately, because of the differences in code, it could not transfer everything simultaneously. When an update on BitLife first launches, it initially goes to the iPhone version, and Android users could expect to try it out in a couple of months. But that’s about to change with the new code merge that Candywriters is working on.

Candywriter is diligently working to make the code work on both platforms, so Android users no longer have to wait for the next update. Right now, Android users are behind on both the latest music and mafia update. When the code does go live, both of these features will transfer over to Android users.

Moving forward, anytime an update is teased or talked about by the BitLife team, and it will appear on both platforms. Android users won’t need to know when they’re receiving the update after those using the Apple Store, and they won’t feel like they’re being left behind.

Right now, the exact date for this merge has not been shared. We don’t know if players will lose their date when the code is merged, but that’s extremely unlikely. When it happens, players on both platforms probably won’t notice it, except Android users have new features to try out in the game, such as joining the Mafia, becoming a famous musician, or a singer. The weekly challenges also will be the same, where previously they were slightly modified because certain features were exclusive to iPhone players.

We’ll update this page when we have an exact date shared by the development team. It shouldn’t be much longer as the Candywriter and BitLife has shared multiple posts exclaiming their excitement to its arrival. Expect it to release before the end of January 2021.