Where to eliminate Stark Robots at Quinjet patrol landing sites in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4

Robot wars.


One of the Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4 Week 1 challenges is to destroy Stark Robots at Quinjet patrol landing sites. This is a lot of fun and a very cool addition to the start of a match. When you are in the Battle Bus, the Quinjets will go screaming past you as you prepare to drop into the map.

Watch where they go, as they will land in different places on the map for each round. When they land, they will give off a large plume of blue smoke making them easy to find and follow. You can just drop directly on them from the Battle Bus if you wish.

This is a dangerous game to play, however, as the Stark Robots are armed with powerful laser rifles. It is a best to land somewhere close, loot up a bit, then go after the Stark Robots. They can drop their Stark Industries Energy Rifles, allowing you to use this powerful new weapon yourself.

You can even hack the robots, turning them into loyal followers who will travel around the map with you. When you have them all cleared out, make sure you look inside the Quinjet, as it should contain some chests, and you can also shoot down flying drones nearby that can drop some really good loot.

For this challenge, you do need to destroy the robots, so you want to focus on killing five of them before you start hacking yourself some new robot buddies. If you will one and pick up his rifle, you can even start work on another challenge where you need to do damage with the new Stark Industries Energy Rifle.

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