Where to find Doctor Doom at Doom’s Domain in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4, and get his superpowers

The doctor is in.

Fortnite Doctor Doom

Doctor Doom has arrived in Fortnite, bringing his eldritch superpowers with him. The best thing is you can actually get these powers for yourself. Doctor Doom has set up his base of operations in Pleasant Park, completely taking over the well known named location.

At the center of Pleasant Park you can now find a giant statue of Doctor Doom, but the man himself can be found in Doom House, a new building that he has made to live in. As you would expect, it is an interesting mix of classy and gothic.

To get Doctor Dooms abilities, you first need to get into Doom House. All the doors have security locks, so you can either disguise yourself as a Hencman with the Phone Booth near the statue, or you can just break through the wall.

Inside, you will find more of Doom’s Henchmen, and Doctor Doom himself will be wandering the halls of the house. You need to kill him, and he will drop two ancient tomes that allow him to cast powerful spells. Be extremely careful when fighting him, as he can one-shot you with some of these abilities, and they set everything around them on fire.

Just pick them up when he drops them, and remember that you will need two inventory slots to carry them. Doom will also drop a keycard giving you access to the Vault under pleasant park, which can be found below where the soccer pitch used to be.

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