Where to find Shadow Midas, Mythic Shadow Midas’ Drum Gun in Fortnite – Fortnitemares 2020

He is back.


Image via Epic Games

Fortnitemares 2020 is under way, and Midas is back. He has also brought a new Mythic weapon with him, the Shadow Midas’ Drum Gun. Lots of folks out there will remember the original Midas’ Drum Gun from a couple of seasons back before Midas disappeared after setting off his Doomsday Device.

To find the weapon, you will need to find Midas, which means heading to the Authority. Yes, Midas is back in the building he used to call home, back when known as the Agency. To make things a little more complicated, the area is now called The Ruins.

The Ruins location

You will find Midas skulking around between the second and fourth flours, usually. You will need to be cautious, however, as he has plenty of Henchmen with him. All you need to do is take him out, and he will drop the Mythic Drum Gun for you.

If he doesn’t show up between the second and fourth floor, you will need to look around the entire Ruins, as he could have followed another player, or he may have been taken out already.

We haven’t really had a chance to try it out in-game yet, but it seems to be pretty similar to the old Drum Gun, so no major surprises there.

Don’t forget, there are new challenges for Forntitemares 2020 in the game, with more going live on October 24 and 27.