Where to search seven chests or ammo boxes at Holly Hedges in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3

A quick and easy route.

Holly Hedges

One of this week’s challenges in Fortnite is to search seven chests or ammo boxes at Holly Hedges. Holly Hedges is a named location and is easy to spot on the map, so we thought we would show you a quick two house route you can run straight from the Battle Bus that will leave you well-armed, and help you wrap up this challenge very quickly.

In the map above, we have highlight the house that you should drop in at, and the arrow points to the second house straight across the road. In the first house, you will find an ammo box on the ground floor, two more in the rooms upstairs, and a chest hidden in the attic. If you run across the street, you will find another chest under the stairs, and a third one outside the back door in the doghouse.

The best thing about this route is that both of these chests can actually be rare, so you can get some very good early game loot. After that, run back inside and head upstairs to find more ammo boxes in the bathroom, and sometimes a fourth chest hidden in the attic.

It is a quick and easy route that a great way to start any game, it just so happens to also help us finish up one of the challenges this week.

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