Where to gather or consume Foraged Items at the Orchard in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3

Feeling a bit snacky.


One of this week’s Fortnite challenges is to gather or consume foraged items at the Orchard. The first thing you will need to know is the location of the Orchard. This can be found near Frenzy Farms and is marked on the map below.

The Orchard Location

You have two main options for Foraged Items. You can either head to the orchards and get some apples, or to the smaller fields and grab some cabbages. Both will do the same thing, restoring a minimal amount of health over time. The good news is you can eat them very quickly, and the healing stacks, so none is lost if you don’t wait for the final tick of health before eating again.

Run up to one of the items on the ground, and you will have two options, Consume or Gather. Consume will mean you eat it straight away, while Gather will put it in your inventory. If you have a full inventory, whatever item you have highlighted will be dropped. The foraged items can stack up to 15 times, but can only stack if they are the same types. You cannot stack cabbages on apples because that would be madness.

You cannot consume the foraged items unless you have taken damage to your health, but thankfully this challenge just needs you to gather five of them for it to be complete.

You can find the rest of this week’s challenge below: