Where to find Deadpool floaties at The Yacht in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3

Just floating around.


One of this weeks’ challenges in Fortnite is finding three of Deadpool’s floaties at the Yacht. You will need to know where the Yacht is, and you can find it at the northern end of the island. You can see the location marked on the map below.


Now, you only need to grab three of the four floaties, but we will show you where they all are. All you need to do is run up to them in-game and interact with them.

Floaty #1


The first floaty can be found in the orange cargo container on the smaller boat that is secured to the Yacht at the front.

Floaty #2

Floaty Two

The second floaty can be found at the top of the Yacht in a room towards the rear. You can run up some stairs at the front of the ship where the orange container is to get there, then run to the end of the corridor.

Floaty #3

Floaty Three

The third floaty can be found just below the fourth. You can drop down to the metal beams and then onto the deck to your left, and find it near a Deadpool umbrella.

Floaty #4

Floaty Four

The fourth floaty can be found in a room at the very rear of the ship at deck level.