Where to use different Ziplines at the Authority in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3

Zipping around.

The Authority

One of this week’s challenges in Fortnite is to use different ziplines at the Authority. For those who haven’t found the Authority yet, it is located directly in the center of the map and has replaced the Agency.

The Authority is surrounded by a foreboding wall, with a zip line running from the interior of the compound to the top of the wall, and form the top of the wall to the outside, at each corner.

Authority Top Down

The working of the challenge is very specific, you need to use eight different ziplines, and there are eight of them in total at the authority, so you will need to use each of them once. It’s not particularly difficult, and you don’t need to get them all in one game, so if you get blasted out of the air by a Henchman, you can just go back in your next game.

We have noticed that the Authority tends to be very busy at the start of the match, then get quiet after someone kills Jules and cracks open the Vault, so it might be worth waiting until the middle of a round and just wrapping them all up in one go.

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