Where to find and catch Rusty Koi in Genshin Impact

Head to Mondstadt first for a chance at this iron-ic fish.

Image via Hoyoverse

The further you get into playing Genshin Impact, the more important item farming can become. After all, items help level up your favorite characters, boost your best weapons, and even help you purchase other bigger and better gear. One notably useful item for pole-arm fans in Genshin Impact is the Rusty Koi. So, if you’re up for a few good fishing sessions, let’s head out to the wilds of Liyue and get you this sleek, silver, dragon-like little creature.

Rusty Koi locations

Most of the fishing locations where you can find Rusty Koi are in the central regions of Liyue. If you run a little fishing route around the early regions of the Liyue islands and plains, you’ll get a decent amount of fish.

  • Mondstadt: Whispering Woods, Cider Lake
  • Liyue: Wangshu Inn, Guili Plains, Lahua Pool
  • Inazuma: Koseki Village Right
Screenshot by Gamepur

How to bait the Rusty Koi

You can use any fishing rod, but you can only catch the Rusty Koi with Fake Fly Bait. You can purchase the recipe from the Fishing Association in Mondstadt. To pay for the bait, you need Medaka, one of the most common fish in Genshin. Luckily, getting bait is pretty easy. Then, once you have the recipe, you can make Fake Fly Bait at any alchemist station with a Horsetail and a Sakura Bloom, found in Liyue’s Dihua Marsh and across Narukami Island, respectively.

Rusty Koi uses

Once you start collecting Rusty Koi, you can either use them for food or you can use them to purchase items at the Fishing Association. In particular, the Rusty Koi is used to acquire The Catch, a 4-star trident-like pole-arm from the Inazuma fishing association. You need 20 Rusty Koi, 20 Golden Koi, and 6 Raimei Angelfish to earn this weapon. This pole-arm is an excellent tool for Raiden Shogun, Shenhe, and Zhongli lovers.

Because of the respawn rates for fish in Genshin, this collection adventure for The Catch can take anywhere from three days to two weeks in real-time, so be patient. But you can speed up that time by visiting and fishing in the worlds of generous friends.