Where to find and enter the approval code at a research lab in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4

Grant Jonesy access to top-secret information about the island.

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Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4 continues its Paradise questline for the first time since the start of season. As Part 2 of its challenges tasks the island’s visitors with saving the map, one of the first steps will be to access the computers in secret research lab locations. Although, this can only be done by solving for and entering the computers’ approval code. Here’s where to find all research labs and how you can obtain their unique code in Fortnite.

All research lab locations in Chapter 3 Season 4

To begin the quest, you can first make your way to one of the three research labs on Fortnite’s map — though, they are not easy to find. Each is set inside the basement of particular homes, and you will need to use your pickaxe to destroy any floors or walls that block you from accessing it. Luckily, the quest only requires you to visit one in order to complete the entire mission. You can find each research lab marked and listed below.

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  • Research lab location #1: Underneath the home east of Tainted Towers
  • Research lab location #2: Inside the building on the south end of the Launchpad landmark, an island east of Herald’s Sanctum
  • Research lab location #3: On the bottom floor of the home located at the east side of Synapse Station

What is the approval code in the Fortnite Paradise questline?

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Once you have entered a research lab, you must first pick up the glowing item on the far end of the room. Aimee will then direct you over to the computers in the center and ask that you enter each number of the approval code. However, this number will vary depending on which lab you are visiting. As shown above, your research lab’s approval code will be painted on the wall ahead of the computers. After its entered, the challenge will reward 32,000 XP toward your Battle Pass level and the next objective in the questline.

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While the questline teases what will happen in the Chapter 3 Season 4 finale, there is already a collection of rumors surrounding the future of the battle royale. According to dataminers, the incoming Chapter 4 Season 1 could soon deliver a first-person mode, rideable flying animals, and several other never-before-seen features.