Where to find Balloons in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4

Leap over POIs with the power of this inflatable item.

Image via Epic Games

In honor of Fortnite’s fifth birthday, the battle royale has unvaulted a swath of celebratory items around the island. This even includes the Balloons, an item that can be attached to players’ backs for them to float to or above locations in just seconds. However, with so many items now in the loot pool, this low-gravity tool isn’t the easiest to find. Here is where to pick up Balloons in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4.

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How to get Balloons in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4

Balloons can currently be found in chests or as ground loot around the map, and they seemingly have low spawn rates. So, players likely have the best chance of finding the item within large POIs that hold dozens of chests, such as Harold’s Sanctum, Tilted Towers, and Rave Cave. If those don’t give you any luck, it may be worth exploring vaults to see if their handful of Rare and regular chests carry the item.

Once found, you can attach a Balloon by pressing your respective shoot button, ultimately allowing you to take massive leaps into the air. You can also attach multiple Balloons in order to simply float around the map. Though, we recommend not going too high, as the Balloons and your character can be shot down. In that case, you do have the ability to equip another Balloon while falling in mid-air to avoid fall damage — and potentially elimination.

The game’s birthday offers much more than unvaulted items. Players heading to the Quest menu will find new Birthday challenges that reward up to three cosmetics, such as a Harvesting Tool and Back Bling. These challenges essentially ask that players discover and use Balloons as well as the Birthday Cake and Birthday Present items. Those wanting the items or cosmetics may want to act fast, as the birthday bash is only said to last until Tuesday, September 27.