Where to find Bao Bros’ bunker in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4

Show the NPC your dance moves to progress through the Battle Pass.

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It is no secret that some NPCs in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4 do their best to hide away from all players. This especially goes for Bao Bros, the first character listed in the game’s NPC collection menu. The chef has been known to change locations multiple times throughout the chapter, but it seems he finally has a permanent bunker — and those able to discover it will even earn XP in the process. Here’s where to find Bao Bros’ bunker in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4.

What’s the location of the Bao Bros bunker in Fortnite?

Unlike most NPCs, you will not run into Bao Bros and his bunker within a named location. Instead, players will first need to head west of Chrome Crossroads to the Ridgeline Ranger landmark. This location is a collection of dance floors near Loot Lake, with the character’s bunker set within the underground vault on the east side of the landmark. Thus, if you want to speak with the NPC, be sure to have a vault key in your inventory ahead of time.

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Bao Bros’ bunker also plays a major role in one of Week 9’s seasonal quests, as players must emote at the bunker to earn an additional 20,000 XP. It is possible to complete the quest simply by dancing in front of the bunker’s vault, but there are chests above the building that have a slight chance of holding a vault key. It is certainly worth opening the vault, with it lending visitors two standard chests and two Legendary chests.

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If you are looking for more than XP, Fortnite even offers a High Octane questline with a handful of cosmetic rewards to be gained from it. These cosmetics include a Rocket League-themed Pickaxe, Emoticon, and Back Bling. Though, you will have to find and drive the new Octane vehicle in battle royale modes to unlock them all.