Where to find Capsule Corp capsules in Fortnite

Grab them before they disappear.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Capsule Corp has arrived in Fortnite via the Dragon Ball event. You’ll have the chance to purchase various themed skins to add to your collection and collect Dragon Balls by completing multiple challenges. One of these challenges has you attempting to open Capsule Corp capsules, which you can find scattered throughout the island, but only at specific times. This guide covers where you can discover Capsule Corp capsules in Fortnite.

How to open Capsule Corp capsules in Fortnite

The capsules will not appear immediately on the map. They also do not have a set location, so you won’t be able to focus on them before the Battle Bus arrives. Instead, you’re better off finding a safe location to land when you start the game and keep an eye on the map. The Capsule Corp capsules appear roughly a minute after the game begins, and they fall from the sky. As they fall through the sky, you can follow them on your map and guess where they land before they drop. The Capsule Corp logo indicates their location while falling and when they land.

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Screenshot by Gamepur

Everyone remaining in your match will see these drops, making them coveted locations for everyone who can make it there. When you arrive at the site, all you have to do is interact with the floating capsule, and you will retrieve the items inside. There will be a Kamahama mythic attack you can perform and a Nimbus cloud you can ride in the capsule.

Thankfully, even if the first capsules are taken, more will arrive throughout the match, so don’t be worried if you miss out when they initially drop.