Where to find Giant Purple Toads in Hogwarts Legacy

You’re going to need to catch one for an assignment.

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Giant Purple Toads are one of the several magical creatures you can find while playing Hogwarts Legacy. They appear every so often in the game, and tracking them down can be a bit of a hassle. Not only do you need to find them to bring back to the Room of Requirement, but your professors will assign you to find these creatures to learn a spell. Here’s what you need to know about where to find Giant Purple Toads in Hogwarts Legacy.

Giant Purple Toad locations in Hogwarts Legacy

Giant Purple Toads can be tough to track down on the map. One of the quicker locations where you can find them will be north of Hogwarts, in the North Ford Bog region of the map. This is directly north of the Forbidden Forest. You can find a Giant Purple Toad den at the center of this map, to the west of the East North Ford Bog.

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There are other locations where you can find Giant Purple Toads on the map, but this is one of the easier places to get to early on in Hogwarts Legacy. We encourage you to explore the map to find other monster lairs while playing to get additional locations where you can find these creatures.

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How to catch Giant Purple Toads in Hogwarts Legacy

When you arrive, a handful of Giant Purple Toads will hop around this area. You will need to use your Nab-Sack to capture one of these creatures successfully. We recommend using the Arresto Momentum spell on the Giant Purple Toad you want to catch before using the Nab-Sack to catch them. After you have the number you want, bring them back to the Room of Requirement. These creatures are necessary for one of your school assignments, so catching them at least once will be required, especially if you want to learn the Bombarda spell.

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