Where to find Loot Lake in Fortnite


Loot Lake is a new landmark in Fortnite Chapter 3. Players will need to visit it for a Week 2 seasonal quest that requires them to catch three fish there.

Loot Lake can be found marked by the player indicator on the map below and is the large lake that is almost in the center of the island. In the middle of the lake is a small island that is a great place to go fishing. It is surrounded by fishing spots and will have barrels with fishing rods on the north side.

There will also be some chests and ground loot, so players can loot up a little bit and not get caught by surprise by other players.

You can find the rest of the Fortnite Chapter 3 Week 2 quests below:

  • Damage opponents from 50 or more meters with the MK-Seven Assault Rifle (0/200)
  • Catch fish at Sleepy Sound or Loot Lake (0/3)
  • Using Spider-Man’s webshooter, travel 50 meters in one swing (0/1)
  • Purchase items from characters (0/3)
  • Use a Med-Mist while sliding (0/1)
  • Survive storm circles while carrying a weapon of Epic rarity or higher (0/4)
  • Stash items in a tent (0/2)
  • Damage opponents with a shotgun (0/1000)
  • Search chests (0/15)