Where to get Fatty Cuts in Tower of Fantasy

Quite a delicacy.

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Some ingredients in Tower of Fantasy are pretty basic. You can find them everywhere. Some ingredients, however, are quite rare to come across and are pretty worthwhile when you do. Fatty Cuts, for instance, are an extremely rare ingredient that you can get your hands on. Unfortunately, it will take plenty of time and patience if you want this high-quality piece of meat. Here is where you can get it.

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Where to find Fatty Cuts in Tower of Fantasy

Fatty Cuts are one of the more difficult ingredients to find. This is because they have an extremely low drop rate and not every creature will drop them. There are a few places, however, where you can get lucky enough to obtain them without much hassle.

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The best location to farm for Fatty Cuts is in the Crown region. This is the fourth region you will go to as part of the story, but you can get there as early as chapter two if your Suppressor is strong enough to withstand the radiation in the area. The Crown region located to the east of Banges. Once there, head to the central area marked on the map above. This area is where you will find the mines.

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Along the rivers, you can find Honey Badgers. These creatures have a good chance of dropping Fatty Cuts. These creatures are also rather easy to defeat.

How to use Fatty Cuts in Tower of Fantasy

Fatty Cuts are okay at restoring your character’s Satiety. They offer four Satiety points for your character when eaten. Unfortunately, that is all they offer so it is best to use them in meals instead of devouring them for the points. Adding a Fatty Cut to a meal will help increase the health and Satiety points that the meal offers.